Among the very most important things that should be done by any person owning a business, is to improve his/her online business reputation.
This will see your business do better in search engine results as well as showcasing your whole business to customers. You should be able to take advantage of the traffic driven to your website by search engines like Bing, Google and Yahoo since they play a very big role in improving your business. This is one way of gaining more and more potential customers and visitors to your website. Search Engine Optimization becomes a challenge when you have no idea of the right steps to take. The following are some of the best PR and SEO practices that are worth trying to help improve your online business reputation.

• Post and write your business SEO release from the press
seo for businessWriting and posting a press release for your Search Engine Optimization will help you establish a lot of reputation for your business as you gain among of the best ranks in search engines. A good written press release that has been submitted to any of the many press release sites helps in drawing attention to your business site. Your written press release should lean more on providing news and least on promotion. You should also ensure that the keywords are search engine optimized, should be directly related to your business and written in the right format. For your press release to be accepted, it is advisable for you to take time in writing a good one as many of these press release sites have turf guidelines when submitting a press release.

• Create your website a blog.
Interact with your customers by creating a blog on your business website. If you keep on posting and writing content on your blog, the chances of increasing the superiority of your search engine are very high. Give some tips to be used by your customers as you keep adding posts concerning your industry of which without doubt will help establish desirable reputation with them. For you to get good result, make sure that your blog is updated one to two times every week. To get good ranking in search engines, make sure your posts are optimized for SEO.

• Article and tip sheet created should be optimized for SEO
For you to get a better traffic as you drum up more publicity, make sure you have created an ebook or article that is SEO optimized and directly related to the business. You can place it on your website for your customers to download, read or even offer as a gift to those visiting your newsletter for the first time. The tip sheet and the article play the same role of improving your business image as well as its reputation.



The focus of local tactics is to ensure that your business or client has been brought closer to people working as well as living near your aimed community, as they act in accordance to internet marketing general principles. While establishing your website, ensure that you have stated that special and unique thing concerned with your community that one can connect with. Below are ways compiled specifically for you to begin telling stories that belong to your community.

• Photos to act as local proof.
For you to prove to your target clients and visitors that you are indeed local in the community, you can incorporate photos of local restaurants, parks and most locally recognized businesses in your marketing and website. These photos should make sense in your sites’ context as well as contributing to the topics’ relevance. Every photo in your site should have a descriptive title.

• Link Builders
It is quiet a good idea to keep up with what is happening on the link ecosystem in spite of your professional CRO, SEO or even a designer. This great group of persons from entrepreneurs, in-house teams, and professional agencies do have GIF contests and occasional memes, which are not worth missing.