Search engine optimization is simply a collection of methods of strategies, tactics and techniques that are used to raise the number or the amount of those visiting a given website by being ranked high in the search result page. The probability of any search engine to receive a higher amount of visitors from its users depends on the number of times it will appear in the search result list as well how higher or earlier it get ranked on the page of search results. Different types of search may be targeted by Search Engine Optimization which includes local search, academic search, image search, video search news search etc. Being one of the internet marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization reflects on what is being searched for, the real keywords or search terms that have been typed into a given search engine, the most recommended search engines by their aimed audience as well as the workability of a given search engine. A website can be optimized by editing its HTML, its content or any other associated coding so as to ensure the relevance of some specific keywords has been increased together with eliminating obstacles to the activities of indexing of search engines. Promoting a site is another SEO tactic that can be used to raise the number of inbound links or back-links. All of these services can be ordered from a professional SEO company.

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Search Engine Optimization helps one to position his/her website in a proper manner so as to be designated at the most important points when needed by people or in the process of buying. Are you out there and wondering on how to find relevant and most of all educating information on Search Engine Optimization essentials? Now the time to let go your worries is none other than right now as we have packaged the right information for you. The following are some of the essentials when optimizing your site.

1. Make sure you know your business model

    1. Knowing your business model should be the first things for you to understand before any other thing. It should be way up topping the list of priorities before anything else. This might sound as an obvious thing, but a lot of people prefer not sitting down and reflect on their aspirations. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself: what are your objectives? What are you selling? (What a person clicks on or impressions).

2. Content
Information architecture, your content, infrastructure and content management systems are some of the very important elements that you should consider when optimizing your website. Without them, is like a cake without sugar which makes it worth of eating. A website without the things is considered useless.

3. What search engine look for
All that every search engine wants is to do the best job possible by ensuring that it has referred its users to relevant content and websites of which the user is searching. The relevancy of your site is determined by;
Performance: Is your site working properly and how first is it?
User experience: Is the bouncing rate of your site high? How easy is it to navigate around? How safe does it look? What is the appearance of your site?
Content: the descriptions, the theme, titles and the text that you give on your page is what determine its content.
Authority: Is the content in your site good enough to link to? Is your website used by other sites which are authoritative as a reference?

4. What search engines don’t look for
In case you try to trick your search engine spiders or do some shady tactics, it is most probably that in the long run you will hurt yourself. The following are items that are not needed by the search engine:
Inadequate User Experience
Ensure that users can get around easily. If you make it difficult to find content that people are looking for as well as a lot of ads will force your bouncing rate to increase. Knowing your bouncing rate helps determine information regarding your site. For instance a bouncing rates of 80 percent and above with content on your site shows that something is wrong.
Purchased Links
Keyword Stuffing


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