Search engine optimization results and strategies are hard to develop in one night as they require a lot of time.
mobilization But are you able to understand and measure whether the tactics that you are currently using are being run properly? More than 85 percent of searchers are into organic search results as compared to paid results. For this reason, there is need to pay attention to your SEO efforts regularly since almost everyone seems to look at this side of search. The following search engine optimization metrics are of great use when it comes to tracking how a web presence is progressing in organic search. It is easy to constantly tweak your SEO efforts as well as improve results as each metric will indicate what is not working and what is working.

1. Unique Keywords
You should keep track of the number of unique keywords that are being used in finding your organization. If the number is high, then this is an indication of more unique keywords in use in the search engine to find web presence of your organization. This is what is referred to as discovery index. To capture more qualified traffic, you should look at these keywords as you add few of them to your content plan.

2. Organic Conversations
Are you aware of what percentage of organic search is taking action on your site? What of the keywords that seems to drive a lot of conversation? Which of the key words has a high bouncing rate?

3. Traffic Breakdown
For you to understand both content marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization well, you need to be able to track the following website traffic metric: social, organic and referral traffics. Check your referral traffic increase or decrease and whether your organic traffic is growing.
4. Crawl Frequency
This is one of the best ways of measuring the success of introducing new sources of content to your site. You should ensure that search engines come back more now and then as it is a crucial component when it comes to getting recent pages indexed within a short period of time.

5. Track Basic Conversation
Make a point of identifying types of multiple conversation including leads, sales, event sign-ups, downloads, subscriptions etc.

6. Non-Branded verses Branded Keywords
What number of keywords is branded from the discovery index? It is advisable to lay down an objective on how to build content marketing strategy by increasing keyword phrases which are non-branded when 95 percent of your organic traffic seems to arise from keywords which are branded, since this shows that there must be a visibility issue with your organization.

7. Value For Organic Search
This is one of the metrics that aids in setting your budget for content marketing as well as organic search. It is a very crucial metric that every organization should employ when comparing what you were likely to pay for your organic search traffic through a marketing program like Google AdWords to its dollar value.